Consolidate multiple heterogeneous
controllers onto a Windows PC

Integrate multiple HMIs into a single, break-through HMI

Use latest integration protocols without limitation from proprietary protocols

NUMCAD’S CNC64 platform eliminates islands of automation and delivers ground-breaking capabilities for machine builders in the Industry 4.0 era

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Increasing Demands and Challenges

Machine builders that continue to rely on stand-alone, pre-packaged CNC controllers for their real-time machine
control will not be able to keep pace with increasing customers demands.

Lower cost of the machine control and CNC machine; improve quality; increase part/hour performance; reduce job setup time

 Combine two or more operations and controllers into a single machine and HMI interface – i.e. both plasma cutting and milling on a single machine

Fit into an Industry 4.0 model
by sharing operational data
to the cloud