The NUMCAD team started as a systems integration firm that did the most critical engineering for world class CNC and Robotics machines. After doing the work for so many companies over the past 25 years, our team decided to harness our enthusiasm for control engineering of machines and build a break-through software only CNC Machine.

We think: CNC is just software.

By using standardized software components and interfaces, NUMCAD converts every PC with Windows 64 into a high-performance real-time CNC machine Controller (real-time 64bit, multicore CPU). The customer risk is reduced through learnings of more than 100k installations. Our customers just need to provide the performance requirements and decide which hardware (drives, I/O) should be used- the rest just works out-of-the-box on a standard PC.

Goals and Values

Our goal is to offer the best performing, most precise, most open CNC64 control platform that allows our customers to invest now and be able to respond to unanticipated integration demands that make Industry 4.0 so remarkable.

In the co-operation with our partners we strive for an active role in helping our customer gain a clear and sustainable competitive advantage in the market. For us, there is a joy in working with a team to build a world class machine so we are always seeking to enhance our good co-operation amongst colleagues and with our partners. We want to be known as trustworthy, loyalty and honesty.